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Reviewers Love Coco and Eve’s Heat Protectant Hair Oil


The said elixir (love a elixir) makes shoppers’ hair incredibly “shiny, smooth and soft,” according to the hordes of people who left it a five-star review on the independent brand’s website. There, people called the “heaven-sent” oil the only one they would buy, compelled by its silky, cuddly effect. “My hair looks so much better than it has ever looked,” wrote one reviewer. “He feels more robust and [has] less breakage.”

At work in the formula are fatty acids from coconut oil, which is quite common for hair oils – but it gets some “skin” with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid. The ingredient is everywhere these days (even in condoms), for good reason. “A hyaluronic acid-based treatment works wonders to ensure balanced hydration”, trichologist Kerry Yates already said In the style, and dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian added that it is excellent for weightless treatment of dry hair.

The formula is also doctored with prickly pear extract, which infuses vitamins C, E, and K, as well as mangosteen and papaya extracts for antioxidants. The brand then added EmoGreen L15, which, although it looks like a shade of Machine Gun Kelly nail polish, is actually a biodegradable alternative silicone for heat protection. I’m never glad to see cyclopentasiloxane on the ingredient lists – it’s a silicone that doesn’t break down easily – but other than that inclusion, the elixir sounds delicious.

Especially considering the results noted by users: “The elixir completely turns your hair into silk and the smell is amazing,” wrote one fan. Others added that it easily controls frizz and leaves hair shiny and healthy-looking, despite regular use of hot tools, and even people with fine curls said it didn’t weigh down their bounce. .

“My hair has been bleached [and] colorful and still feels kinky, dry and crisp,” wrote one final commenter.”[This] has dramatically improved the look and feel of my hair.” If you would like to try Moisturizing Heat Protectant for yourself, you can pick up Coco & Eve’s Miracle Hair Elixir at the brand’s website Where Ultimate for $30.