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Revlon’s Viral One-Step Hair Drying Brush is 56% off


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If you’ve pulled a Selena Gomez and run away from the internet for the past four and a half years, you might not know exactly why the Revlon tool has garnered such success and starred in dozens of viral videos. The answer? It’s basically the dream of having a hairdresser at home; run the hot brush through damp hair to dry and smooth all textures for salon-worthy blow-dry results.

“It looked like I had spent hours drying and straightening,” someone wrote of the effect on their “super frizzy, fluffy, damaged, curly” hair. Another said it had ‘significantly’ improved their routine, with the challenge of handling both a brush and a dryer firmly in the past as the tool welcomed them”hair heaven“A fan with long, thick 3B to 4A curls wrote that it gives them”beautiful body” and easy waves, praise seconded even by those who have “fine and super fine” strands.

Critics with coarse, frizzy and naturally gray hair are also firmly impressed. Like such a devotee saidit leaves their hair shiny and manageable – and as another user attested, it cuts their drying time by 20 minutes up to six. As one last person wrote, the One-Step operated “follicular witchcraftto leave their mixed-texture hair smooth, bouncy and model-worthy, a stark contrast to the “two-hour wrestling bouts” that typical blow-dryer use entails. Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hot Brush for $26 while it’s 56% off at Amazon.