Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s not ‘brave’ to have gray hair: ‘Please applaud someone else’s courage’


Sarah Jessica Parker has urged fans to stop praising her as “brave” for having gray hair.

The sex and the city star, 57, reflected on the phenomenon, which sees fans applaud her ‘courage’ every time she is photographed with her natural hair color, in an interview with Seduce.

“It became months and months of conversation about how brave I am to have gray hair,” she said, referring, in part, to paparazzi photos such as the ones that showed her eating with Andy Cohen as his gray hair was pulled back. simple style, which went viral last summer. “I was like, please please applaud someone else’s courage for something!

Parker then clarified that she still colors her hair, but she doesn’t “spend time getting a base color every two weeks” because it’s “too much.” On the contrary, the actor said she was more focused on feeling “good by her standards.”

“I just…I don’t really care.” When I walk through the door, I want to feel good by my standards. I can’t even tell you what those standards are. But you know how you feel when you feel most like yourself, whatever that means,” she explained. “I am not without vanity. I guess I don’t care enough about other people’s opinions.

While reflecting on the aging process as a whole, the And just like that The actor also acknowledged that wrinkles are a sign of more than just years lived.

“We spend so much time talking about the accumulation of time spent adding wrinkles, and that’s the weirdest thing we don’t say, it comes down to being better at work, better as a friend, better as a daughter, better as a partner, better as a caregiver, better as a sister,” she said. “Instead it’s, ‘How do we hang the outside How do we apologize? How can we fix this?'”

The 57-year-old also noted that the attention and questions about aging were not directed at men, as she pointed out that ‘not a soul’ said anything about the ‘head full of beautiful gray hair” from Cohen, even though he was sitting next to her. “I’m not mad, it’s just an observation,” she said.

Although she doesn’t spend time thinking about how she’s aging, Parker acknowledged that there are times when the headlines get into her “breakdown,” which she says can be hurtful. “And some of them hurt for a minute, it hurts. And some of them confuse me because of the double standard that is so clearly illustrated. It’s just not a great use of anyone’s time, ink, attention,” she said.

Double standards aside, Parker said she doesn’t think “there’s a right way or a wrong way to relate to aging, life, time on earth,” and that she does not condemn those who have more vanity than her. done, or those who have less.

Rather, she said she prefers to focus on her own views on aging, which for her means a dedication to doing the things she wants to do in her free time.

“Mine is that there are a million things I want to do with my free time, and none of them have to do with preservation. [what I look like] now, or trying to go back to 15 years ago,” she said, adding that her focus is more on the restaurants she wants to try, the books she’s going to read, and Wordle.

Parker’s comments come after she recently criticized the “sexist” way society views women aging.

Talk to In the stylethe actress said she doesn’t think about getting old until she’s forced “to think about it because of what I do for a living and because other people seem to want me to think about it or what they think of my age”.

During the interview, Parker also opened up about the differences in how men are viewed by society, with the designer telling the outlet that she’s “baffled that we just don’t talk about men. in this way “.


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