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We all love a good shonen. Whether you are just starting to watch anime with titles like my hero academia and Jujutsu Kaisen or have you watched series like Dragon Ball Z and naruto since you were a child, chances are you have been constantly exposed to the shounen genre. The most incredibly popular anime series, like Bleach, narutoand A play, fall into this genre, and honestly, it’s not surprising. Shounen is a huge umbrella that covers nearly every series aimed at boys ages 12-18, meaning it has something for just about everyone.

Even if you’re a shounen expert, there might be a few titles that have fallen off your radar over the years. This is to be expected; so many new series come out every year that it would be impossible to catch them all. But if you’re looking to boost your anime credibility (or just find a fun new show to watch!), check out these five neat shounen anime!


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Ueki’s Law (2005-2006)

ueki's law
Picture via TV Tokyo

Ueki’s Law is a series adapted from a manga written by Tsubasa Fukuchi that ran from 2005 to 2006. It follows high school student Kosuke Ueki, who was given the ability to turn trash into trees by Kobayashi, a celestial being who competes to become the Heavenly King. He chooses Ueki as the power user for the Battle of Supernatural Powers, the tournament that will decide the future Heavenly King, after carefully observing the boy and making sure of his righteousness. Alongside his friend and self-proclaimed protector Mori Ai, Ueki battles other power users and aims to win the Blank Talent, a prize awarded to the winner of the tournament that gives the owner any abilities they ask for, so they can’t be used for evil. The big highlights of this series are the range of unique abilities the characters can use as well as its unique protagonist. Ueki, unlike many shounen protagonists, is not particularly interested in combat. All he really wants is to clean up the parks and turn trash into trees, and while using his powers on unsuspecting users is very detrimental to him, he does his best to protect others without worry about what will happen. happen to him. It’s a fun and silly anime that sometimes blinds you with the depth of the plot, making it a particularly good watch, especially for those who love early 2000s anime.

Global Trigger (2014-2022)

world trigger picture
Picture via Primo TV

Adapted from a manga by Daisuke Ashihara, Global trigger is a newer shounen with three seasons so far that is gaining a bit more popularity now that its third season ended last January. The series is set in Mikado City, where a portal to a strange world opens up one day at random. Creatures called Neighbors begin to escape from the portal and threaten the humans of the city. The human weapons don’t seem to work against the monsters and the townspeople begin to lose hope until the mysterious frontier organization appears with weapons called Triggers, made with technology developed by the neighbors. Implementing Border helps people get back to normal life. At least, until the strange student Yuma Kuga arrives. Full of action and interesting world building, Global trigger is a great series for anime fans like The attack of the Titans and Bleach.

Bobo-bo Bo-bobo (2003-2005)

Image via Toonami

A comic parody anime adapted from a manga by Yoshio Sawai, Bobo-bo Bo-bobo is a wild, wacky, and surprisingly full-hearted anime. It follows the titular Bobobo as he moves to battle the Hair Hunt Troop, a group of people who destroy villages and forcibly raze their inhabitants, with their powerful Fist of the Nose Hair. Alongside him is an eclectic group of upbeat teenage Beauty, fragrant Gasser, Hajike frontman Don Patch and often emotional Jelly Jiggler (and of course many other friends he meets along the way). road.) Together, they are on a quest to defeat the Maruhage Empire. This series is full of gags and craziness, plus all the high-level shounen action people know and love. It also has a rather interesting and deep plot for a series that is meant to be jokes and silliness that will keep you questioned through all 76 episodes, and probably through your reading of the manga. After all, with the anime coming to an end, you’ll be looking forward to seeing this series through to the end.

Silver Spoon (2013-2014)

anime silver spoon
Image via Funimation

Created by the mind behind Fullmetal AlchemistHiromu Arakawa, silver spoon is a slice-of-life anime that delves into the world of agriculture by following a group of students from a school called Ooezo Agricultural High School. It notably tells the story of Yuugo Hachiken, a city boy who decides to go to Ooezo in order to escape the pressure exerted on him by his father. At first he flounders in his new surroundings due to his upbringing, but he quickly becomes a bit of a “yes” person who everyone turns to for help. By helping his classmates and forming friendships with them, Hachiken begins to fit in and find his place in this new world, discovering his path for the future. A heartfelt and hilarious series, it’s perfect for just about anyone, as we can all feel pressured and need support.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (2015)

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Picture via Crunchyroll

This one partially makes the list for its rather interesting English dub, but Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is an honestly funny and wild ride. Centered around Ryu Yamada, a delinquent constantly bored by the routine of school life, the series follows his life after an accident causes him to switch bodies with top-ranked student Urara Shiraishi. Realizing the switch is tripped by a kiss, the two begin to search for other witches in their school by re-establishing the Supernatural Studies Club. Suddenly, Yamada’s life is full of magic, mystery, and chaos as he navigates high school juggling his normal life and his witch hunt. This one has comedy, magic, and just a hint of romance that combine to make an endearing series that’s a perfect pick-me-up for those dreary days.


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