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‘Staying Strong’ raises funds for the Jenna Marie Foundation


ROMSEY’s hair loss specialist hosted a fundraising evening to support a local foundation.

Rachel Cardy, a trained hairstylist who has specialized in treating hair loss and making wigs for over 30 years hosted her “Staying Strong” event at Bergman and Brown in Romsey on Monday, November 15th.

Members of the public were invited to participate in the apparel trial, get advice from the Bradbeer cosmetics team on skin care, and the Bradbeer underwear department dropped by to showcase some of the latest styles. .

The Mayor of Romsey Town, Cllr Karen Dunleavey and Founder of the Jenna Marie Foundation were also present to support the cause.

Mayor Karen said: “The Stay Strong event was both inspiring and moving. Rachel had a party that sparkled, from pink bubbles at the entrance to the kindness of those offering their support.

“Cancer is a word no one wants to have applied to themselves and hearing about the types of support these evenings offer I once again felt happy to be a part of the Romsey community. Rachel is an inspiration with her dedication to helping those who go through the many stages of life with cancer and I have great admiration for all she does. A great amount of money has been raised for the Jenna Marie Foundation, at the memory of a courageous and special young woman.

The evening raised £ 500 for the Jenna Marie Foundation (Never Too Young), a foundation launched earlier this year in memory of Jenna Marie Fallowfield, a young mother who died just 39 after being diagnosed with cancer in stage 4 intestine.

The event received great support from companies including Bergman & Brown, Romsey Holistic Beauty, Cavendish, Luc’s Fine Food, Regatta, Philip Kingsley, Cook shop, Josie’s, Inz.Pired, Tracy Kennard, Chris Barker who all made donation of items to buy. at the event or provided help and support overnight. Karen Docherty of Photo Flair photographed the event.

Rachel said: “We had to be very strict on the Covid rules. Normally I would have made food, but this year I just got tons of healthy snacks in packages like Humous and Chips and things like that and people really liked it.

“People could try on clothes, check out different styles and Nicky from Bergman and Brown gave everyone a ten percent discount. I had so much support. People just really want to help out, that’s lovely. Everyone is so nice. ”

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