Style inspiration: Chioma Good Hair always has the audacity to make bold fashion statements


Her fashion and style screams “notice me, I’m here” and not in a bad way.

Here are five of her recent looks that we love;


Chioma appears to have been painted by Basquiat. The hair, makeup and fabric texture are amazing.

Chioma flower

Like a blooming flower, there’s so much to love about the outfit and her headpiece makes a statement.


Baby details, details are everything, my favorite thing is the little flower cutouts at the shoulders. This Vee Kee James dress is a masterpiece that should be in a museum.

Braided and fabulous

Okay, the concept behind this is out of this world, but can we take a moment to appreciate the helmet woven into her hair and that bag! Maximum creativity.

Chioma the Flamboyant

I have a love-hate relationship with this look. Even though I think it’s overkill, it’s Chioma’s style to do the most and yes, she did.

Peep the feathers, the rhinestones, the headgear and the bag. Alright, Chioma, we see you. Not done!


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