Thanks, Humidity, for bringing us Jennifer Aniston’s naturally wavy hair – See Photos


In addition to her impressive acting career which has endured since the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston is also known for her hair, especially Rachel’s signature haircut. She’s long since left that layered, cropped haircut behind, and these days we don’t often see the actor with texture in his hair. She usually wears her highlighted hair slicked back or styled with a few subtle waves, but on Jan. 13, Aniston shared a candid look at her natural hair texture.

the Friends The star shared two selfies of her wavy hair, delighting her millions of Instagram fans. In the photos, her highlighted hair is swept to one side and covers about a third of her face. The tousled mane is full of glorious volume and loose curls that fall past her collarbone. In the caption, she notes that her textured hair was partly the result of humidity and products from her new hair care line, LolaVie. She didn’t specify which product she applied, but our bet is on the brand’s Perfecting Leave-In.

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Aside from her relaxed, tousled hair, Aniston has no trace of makeup on her face, allowing us to appreciate her gorgeous skin. It’s not every day that she gives fans a peek at her glowing, makeup-free skin, although we’ve seen it before. Regardless, we love seeing the actor in all his guises.

Her signature Rachel haircut may be a thing of the past, but the Pellet star has yet to let us down in the hair department. As she continues to create and test new hair care products, we hope to see more candid footage of what her natural curls are doing.


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