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The 5 lessons to be learned from true Parisian street style


While over the past two years the fashion industry has grappled with more existential questions than Sartre and Camus waiting for espresso, part of the business has returned to its pre-pandemic state. This season, the Parisian street style scene – with its rushed hordes and blocked traffic – was back.

In the context of Fashion Week, “street style” of course refers to the crowd of photographers waiting in front of fashion shows to photograph fashionable people. An influencer or fashion editor with niche Instagram following can easily get as much attention in a show as any actress, however, for the photographer in pursuit, it’s not so much about getting a great photo of her (as it would be with any normal celebrity), from her outfit.

Street style has been big business for a decade, with brands becoming increasingly aware of the growing power of digital influence and the free marketing opportunity that show dressing often offers. But there is a new photographer who is shaking things up in Paris, with a unique point of view and an added secret identity. Under the Instagram alias @ParisiensInParis, he or she racked up 617,000 followers in less than 18 months, bringing the concept of spotting and sharing great outfits on unsuspecting topics to its less contrived roots, and posting often unidentifiable candid of cool, laid back Parisians to the as they travel their daily lives.

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