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While nothing gets rid of split ends other than cutting them, certain hair oils can keep them from getting worse, help prevent future hair damage, and provide an overall smoother finish to your style, the celebrity hairstylist explains. Marissa Marin, who spoke to Bustle for this article. “Not everyone is ready to cut as much as they need to, so this is where hair oils and leave-in conditioners can help,” says Marino. The best hair oils for split ends contain oils like coconut, avocado, and argan, which Marino says are “great for your hair.”

“The oil should be used in small amounts while the hair is towel-dried or after styling,” Ambassador Joico and celebrity hairstylist Larissa Amour Bustle said. “Split hair in half when wet and apply a small amount starting at the bottom and working your way up halfway through the hair. Avoid oiling on dry hair just before applying a hot tool. damage hair further.To have healthy, spikeless hair, Love suggests using protective shampoos and conditioners and staying away from hot styling tools as often as possible.

To shop for the six of the best hair oils that can help with split ends, keep scrolling.

1. Expert’s Choice: The Best Hair Oil For Split Ends

“Coconut oil, avocado oil and argan oil are ideal oils for your hair. If you want to improve your hair over time, choose an argan oil like Argan and Avocado Oil for Hair, says Marino. In addition to softening the appearance of split ends and preventing future damage when used regularly, this subtly scented oil will make your hair shiny and smooth. Like all of the oils on this list, you can use it just on your ends or as a full treatment, depending on your hair type and the level of damage you’re facing.

2. Expert’s Choice: The Best Hair Oil for Extremely Damaged Hair and Split Ends

Love, who is a Joico Brand Ambassador, says choosing your oil is like choosing any other hair product because it needs to be personalized based on your hair type and attributes. “If you have colored hair that is extremely damaged, choose something like Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Glossing Oil. This will focus on repairing and adding deeper nourishment and shine to dull, frizzy and dry hair while protecting the cuticle and color, ”says Love. The formula is made with African Argan and Manketti oils to condition and boost shine, as well as keratin to restore strength to hair that experiences damage such as breakage and split ends.

3. Expert’s Choice: The Best Coconut Hair Oil

Carla Rivas, co-founder of Hair Life, say that BioSilk’s coconut oil treatment is a classic for her. “Call it nostalgia, but that was the first [hair product] I used the first time styling my own hair. He did the job. Use it as a last product after brushing or just getting out of the shower to avoid frizz. The thickness does well for hiding split ends, ”she says. This coconut scent oil will bring intense softness and shine to your hair, and it can also help soften and prevent split ends and other forms of damage. And here’s a fun tip: you can use it on your skin too.

This leave-in treatment is an extremely popular choice among Amazon shoppers, as it has a rare overall rating of 4.8 stars out of over 1,500 reviews.

4. The best hair oil for dry scalp and split ends

You can use this Honey Organics oil on your scalp to soothe itching and dryness, and as a pre-shampoo treatment for split ends (the brand suggests applying the oil to your ends, putting on a treatment cap, then shampooing after 10 minutes). Whatever your use, this refreshing oil is incredibly rich and nourishing, with an impressive ingredient list that includes rosemary, mint, castor seeds, jojoba seeds, tea tree, coconut, wheat germ, grape seeds, and sweet almond oils, as well as biotin, which is intended to promote healthy hair growth. The dropper applicator makes it easy to apply to targeted areas of your scalp, which is handy if you have your natural hair in a protective style (although it is also suitable for weaves).

5. The best hair oil spray for fine hair and split ends

If you have thin or thin hair and want a hair oil that you can use to tame flyaways and soften split ends, OUAI hair oil is a good light choice. Thin hair types will only need one or two pumps, while thicker hair types may want to use a little more. It is made with sunflower oil, borage oil, galangal root and amaranth seed extracts and other nourishing ingredients that help smooth, strengthen and repair damaged hair. The best of all? It features the brand’s iconic Rue. The St Honoré perfume, so popular, it was transformed into perfume.

6. The best budget-friendly hair oil for split ends

Both extremely affordable and extremely efficient, OGX argan oil is best for people with medium to thick hair. This ultra-rich oil is composed of argan oil and silk proteins to revitalize and strengthen dry and damaged hair. It helps seal and smooth split ends and prevent them from getting worse, and provides an overall boost to shine, for just under $ 6.


Larissa Amour, Joico Ambassador and Celebrity Hairstylist

Marissa Marin, celebrity hairstylist

Carla Rivas, co-founder, Hair Life


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