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Despite the promises of nearly every hair product on the market, achieving salon results at home had become a feat of almost mythical proportions for OKAY!’s E-Commerce Editor Rebecca Friedman. Although she spent several hours trying to heat style her naturally “coarse” hair, it seems her work was in vain, her hair looks “damaged”, with “zero shine” and “streaks mad rebels”.

“It was a long process,” she recalls her early days of heat styling. “It took me two hours to completely finish, and at the end I was still unhappy with the results.”

That was until a fateful date with a new hairstylist who introduced her to her go-to product for shiny, healthy-looking hair – Keratin Complex Keratin Obsessed Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray.

“I went to a new hair salon and they used it on me and I was shocked at the results,” she shares. “I have unmanageable curly/wavy/frizzy/too thick hair and this is one of the very small amount of products that actually worked as intended.”

Although Rebecca says she ‘couldn’t believe how smooth and nourished her hair looked’ as she left the salon, she was only more impressed after the softness survived the shower.

“It lasted a few washes and I had to know how,” she explains. “So I called the salon and asked and they said it was the Keratin Complex Keratin Obsessed Multi-Benefit Treatment.”

At first, Becca says she felt “dispirited”, assuming the spray would fall into the realm of “expensive salon products”, she was “surprised” to discover that the treatment was “super affordable”, retails for less than $15.

Between that accessible price and those noticeable results, it looks like the spray has done more than revolutionize Rebecca’s hot styling routine, helping her embrace styling products as part of her haircare philosophy.

“I was always so scared and thought your hair should only have heat protectant before applying heat to style,” she says. “But treating your hair with hydrating sprays, styling creams and hair oils makes such a big difference when it comes to the end result!”

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