The Packers are counting on them


Good morning! When a neutral zone violation occurs, what determines whether the play is blown or if “Aaron Rodgers” is allowed to perform a free play? Thank you for all you do to make us smarter fans.

It should be based on whether or not the early movement of the fielder causes early movement of an offensive player. Otherwise it should be free play, and Rodgers thought he had one early the other night. The other way he’s blown out is if a defenseman is “relentless for the quarterback,” as a safety measure.

Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

Hello, Mike. The loss of Robert Tonyan and Kylin Hill was very unfortunate. Tonyan seemed to be on the rise in recent weeks. The Packers have a lot of diversity in the TE room, but none of them bring the field options that they did. The Clickbait articles show us interest in Engram, but I don’t see Gutey giving up interim capital to acquire it. Do you think there will be any adjustments to the role of Allen Lazard to make up for the loss of Bobby?

Not really. I think we will ask more of Dominique Dafney and Josiah Deguara, and the Packers are counting on them.

I’m glad we finally know what Rodgers (was) for Halloween. Now the real question is, is he going to cut his hair?

Am I not a member of the modern media if I say, with all due respect, I really don’t care?

In away matches, how long do players arrive at the stadium to prepare for the match? Also, after the game is over, how much time do players have before heading to the airport?

The usual procedure is that there are two bus trains that leave the team hotel for the stadium. The first leaves approximately 3:30 before kick-off, the second 2:30 before. After the match, there is not necessarily a time limit, but players are asked not to hang around.

It looks like a lot of those serious injuries happened in Thursday night’s games. It happened to the Panthers a few weeks ago. Should the NFL reconsider Thursday night football?

Yes, but it won’t, especially not when an epic clash and finish takes place like last week.

Ignacio of Oceanside, California

On the missed punt, could Ty Summers have advanced football into the end zone before being hit by the Cardinals?

No. The ball was dead where Summers first took possession of it, the 3-yard line.

Andy from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I couldn’t help but notice that we were able to prevent the doubles strategy against the Cardinals once again. I don’t know if this is specifically part of the game plans, but it has worked all season.

The Packers are on a losing streak in the coin toss and not only stopping the opponent’s double-up, but also dominating the bridging possessions at halftime and being in a better position to win by going out on the other side.

What does Rodgers think of his viral Thursday night game meme?

He gave the only possible answer after something like this: “The internet is undefeated.

People who watch a game and say the other team was lucky neglect to consider that there were several other games that were wrong with that other team. They see fortune / misfortune only one way and that is not the reality.

Comment on Kirsten from Madison’s observation of the many comments online about the Packers’ “luck” in the late interception. Having the courage to call an all-out blitz in this situation is not luck. The pressure was immediate and ready to go home.

That too. Like I said on Friday, the Packers decided to force the problem – forcing the Cardinals to be on the same page to make a play. They weren’t and they didn’t. It’s football.

While LaFleur is certainly unfairly fired for Coach of the Year because “he has Aaron Rodgers,” this isn’t the first time a Packers coach’s accomplishments have been treated this way because of the team talent. Vince Lombardi has only been named AP COY once – 1959 after his debut season when he dropped the Pack from 1-10-1 to 7-5. That Lombardi was never named COY during the championship years is ridiculous! Matt is in the best company possible.

Just as a perspective, how many games has St. Vince won in his first 40 as a head coach? Sure, he was rebuilding, but still …

Lombardi won 28 of his first 40 in the regular season, compared to 33 for LaFleur.


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