These delicious gummy candies reduce hair loss by 35%, expert opinion of Dr Gayatri Ganu of Mprex Pvt Healthcare Ltd.


Lifestyles have changed hair health without warning with ever increasing pollution in metropolitan cities. Support the noticeable hair loss of the younger generations in a hectic lifestyle. During a conversation, Dr Gayatri Ganu spoke at length about the millennial lifestyle, the role of nutrition for healthy hair, powerful gums, scientifically backed formulations and the future roadmap of Power Gummies. Dr Gayatri Ganu is Chief Scientist and Managing Director of Mprex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a company that provides advanced clinical research solutions and consultations through a wide range of expert capabilities in all therapeutic areas in Pune, Maharashtra. Here are some excerpts from the frank conversation with her.

What affects the health of the hair the most today and in our way of life?

Because the hair is often unprotected, it is very susceptible to damage from air pollution, but the lack of nutritional intake also affects the health of the hair. Soot, dirt, dust and gases can cause scalp irritation, dryness, breakage and even premature baldness are surely major problems adding to the cause.

Really, I have been counseling millennials who have been victims of it for over years now, based on my experience as a health and nutrition expert. Even teenagers barely 13-14 years old began to face problems with hair loss, slow growth, frizzy hair and scalp. It all boils down to poor nutrition.

How does nutrition come above the different hair products that are readily available?

As an expert, I have always insisted that what you put into your body is directly proportional to the health of your hair. People resort to tedious processes of regular oiling, homemade hair masks, top notch serums, follicular and root oils, and organic shampoos. Yet, all hair products have been proven to act on the external health of the hair, which might help in the short term but would not provide the desired effect, as they cannot fill in the deficiencies of vitamins and nutrients, in particular. biotin, which is complex for healthy hair.

How is biotin essential for healthy hair and other essential vitamins?

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that helps revive hair inside and out by working for hair growth, scalp health, thickness and volume. Replenishes the body’s keratinous infrastructure and also manages stress. Swearing by biotin helps to say goodbye to hair loss as long as you give it the right amount. Plus, vitamins A, C, and E help maintain scalp hydration, address dryness issues, and provide soft, supple hair.

What changes have you observed in the behavior of post-Covid customers?

Well, today’s customer is aware of the importance of vitamin intake, especially after Covid, but not all supplementation options are so tasty or effective. All of my clients have shown apprehension about the recommended biotin-rich capsules, powders, or drugs. Taste remains a major concern for every consumer, whether adult or child. A disagreeable taste is sometimes acceptable as a compromise between a guarantee of effectiveness and an indicator of the health benefits to be obtained. However, people want stress-free solutions, as recent reports show that healthy and tasty food is paramount for regular consumers, as well as athletes.

Do you think the taste of drugs affects their regular consumption?

In today’s dietary supplement industry, flavor can no longer be an afterthought. Certainly, for individuals, this is often one of the primary factors affecting purchasing decisions and considerations. It is even more important in influencing the continued use or compliance of products. If the taste and other sensory attributes are unsatisfactory, then it becomes difficult to have a habitual habit of regular consumption intentionally built while people find it difficult to resist certain tasty alternatives.

What tasty format do you offer your customers?

Yes, there is a spike in customer interest in the tasty supplementation formats available in the market. Power Gummies were introduced in 2018, bringing scientifically proven chewing gums for hair nutrition with their first variant of Gorgeous Hair & Nail vitamins. Easiest consumption with just one chewing every day. Exceptionally tasty gummy candy formula composition of biotin, vitamin A, C, E, D, folic acid and zinc.

What are these gummy candies useful for?

These chewable gummy vitamins prevent hair thinning, stimulate hair regrowth, improve hair volume with all the essential vitamins needed to be taken with adequate amounts of water, a balanced diet and a sleep routine ensuring results desired. Power Gummies allowed them to be both tasty and effective.

Are there any scientifically proven facts for their effectiveness?

At Mprex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was the research partner for the Power Gummies clinical trials. We are a recognized, CRO-awarded Asian contract research organization with over 25 research-based services to offer. We successfully concluded a parallel arm interventional clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of Power Gummies: Vitamin for Hair and Nails in January 2021. Power Gummies as a brand was most concerned about efficacy of the product. The full duration of the clinical trial was three months (90 days) with 60 subjects, including men and women in general health, aged 18 to 40 years. The trial has been registered in the Clinical Trials Registry – India (CTRI), the WHO International Clinical Trials Registration Platform (ICTRP) with the lead ID CTRI / 2020/10/028698 and has received approval from a research ethics board.


What were the main areas of focus of comprehensive clinical trial research?

The main areas of interest of the study were in the ecosystem of usual solutions to hair-related problems in healthy men and women – reduction of hair loss, acceleration of hair growth, strengthening of hair, improved scalp health and overall hair repair. Subjects complained of common hair problems – hair loss, hair loss, stunted growth, poor quality, and dry, damaged hair. Scalp issues included itching, irritation, and dandruff. The problems with the nails were those of lack of growth or strength. All of these parameters were essential in evaluating the effectiveness of the gummy composition compared to other vitamin or biotin supplements on the market.

How would you describe the results and the fact finding after 90 days?

Results derived from the regular consumption of 2 gummies per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, confirmed that the intake of Power Gummies Gorgeous Hair & Nail gummy vitamins was safe and effective. Reduced hair loss, accelerated hair growth, hair strengthening with overall improvement in hair and scalp health have been observed in healthy women and men within 90 days. Our subjects observed a significant increase in hair density, the number of terminal and fluffy hairs at day 90 in a gradual manner. An increase in the number of terminal hairs from the baseline at day 90. An increase in the number of vellus hairs, in which she mentioned that the vellus hair is converted to terminal hair to improve hair density.


Positive affirmations and differences were felt by subjects towards the product demonstrating consistent improvement from baseline by day 90. Hair with the consumption of Power Gummies was less brittle and strong from the roots than there was. a decrease in hair loss in the comb and wash test. .

There was 22% increase in hair growth rate, 10% increase in hair density by day 90, 65% decrease in hair loss, 35% decrease in hair loss hair by day 90, 50% of people also observed a reduction in dryness and damage. A huge 62.5% difference was seen in scalp complaints and a 10% improvement in nail growth. There were satisfactory results of around 10% in women and 5% in men with improved nail growth and strength.

Are there other Power Gummies products clinically tested with your research organization?

As of now, Power Gummies come in three variations, Gorgeous Hair & Nails, as I have already described. Then there is the second variant, The Beach Body Gummies for effective weight management with clinical trials registered under number CTRI / 2021/03/032126 and infused with green coffee. Now, the company recently launched its third variant of gummy candy for the period of the month to identify PMS symptoms and support menstrual health. There’s a lot to come, a lot of their upcoming products are in development and clinical trials with us.

Now that Power Gummies has finally launched India, as a researcher and veteran in the field, what do you see as the future of Power Gummies as a brand in India?

In my opinion, as I have been in the nutraceutical research industry for over a decade now, I see a lot of potential in the Power Gummies business as they started an early adoption curve of flavored nutritional supplements, l ‘constant expansion of innovative products produced in their shopping cart providing an advantage with a huge customer base and maintaining the quality by engaging in scientific research to revalidate the claims which will strengthen the consumer trust factor, which can give a share of sustainable market at Power Gummies.

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