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Thief watches unlocked houses, sneaks out before scampering off with loot | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Vexed by his low income as a nurse and driven by the need to finance his habit of visiting the red-light district, Mahendra Rangari, 27, had turned to theft since 2010 but only targeted homes left behind opened by residents.
Having lost half of his skull bone after an accident, Rangari also had a deformity in his right leg after the incident, which left him with a lame gait. Police say Rangari used his deformities to his advantage. “His lame (Rangari) gait would hardly give rise to suspicion that he was a seasoned thief who was arrested on several occasions. He would also show the operation on the skull bone to jewelers to convince them to mortgage him or buy him stolen gold, saying he needed the money for medical purposes,” said a police officer from Sakkardara police station.
The Sakkardara Police Detection Branch wing, led by Senior Inspector Dhananjay Patil and Inspector Hrishikesh Ghadge, had picked up Rangari from his residence in the early hours of April 12 after spotting him in footage of video surveillance.
During questioning, Rangari admitted to committing thefts after which the police recovered valuables worth Rs 3.61 lakh from him, including Rs 53,000 in cash.
On April 10, Rangari snuck into a beauty salon, whose owner stayed just behind Om Nagar’s shop, and scampered off with Rs1 lakh cash from the place. Cops from Sakkardara Police Station had started following the case and then managed to catch him.
Inspector Ghedge said Rangari would first focus on homes with doors left open. “Rangari would conduct a reconnaissance of localities and identify his targets, then monitor them. He was gradually getting closer to the houses and trying to sneak up or peek in, while trying to figure out where the family members were and who was present at the house,” the PI said. He added that Rangari would enter slowly, look around and wait for some time to see if anyone came into the room, before fleeing with valuables.
How he was caught
Sakkardara police scanned CCTV cameras in and around Om Nagar after the robbery at the beauty salon
A suspect with a lame gait and a typical hairstyle has been spotted
Agent Govind Deshmukh was well acquainted with Rangari’s gait, hairstyle and modus operandi
After Deshmukh’s identification, IPAs Sagar Awad, Vijay Kasodhan and Sachin Sawarkar went to fetch Rangari from his home.