Things you should not use when removing nose hair

As we age, our nose hair tends to become unruly and grow more frequently than before. This is because of the male sex hormones or androgens to which the hair follicles become more sensitive over time. And the sight of your nose hair sticking out of your nose is a big disappointment. But with the help of a few grooming products, you can keep this under control. However, there are a few techniques that men should never opt for to remove nose hair. Take note.

Do not use tweezers

Using tweezers to remove nose hair is a painful process. Second, it leaves a lot of ingrown hairs and you could also get a skin infection. These red, pus-filled bumps can be very painful. They often happen when you forcefully pull your nose hair out and they last for a while.

Avoid waxing

Waxing can be just as damaging to your nostrils, as you tend to get inflammation. Second, waxing removes a lot of nose hair at one time and you have no nose hair in your nostril to protect you from allergies like dust and other foreign particles entering your body .

Do not use depilatory creams

Hair removal creams contain chemicals that destroy the keratin protein in the hair, causing it to fall out. These creams can be used on your leg and chest, but using it inside the nostril is not a good idea. Second, the strong smell of this chemical will keep you from breathing fresh air.


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