This Hack Will Help You Make Sure Your Hair Doesn’t Get So Greasy So Quickly


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There’s nothing that can cloud your mood like oily hair, no one likes to have it and especially when you’re somewhere to go and you don’t have time to wash and style your hair, fat can be the bath of our lives.

And since the weather is expected to stay hot for another week or so, that never helps to solve this problem. But where the internet exists, there is piracy and it could be life changing.

Oily hair is normal, even if it’s annoying, there’s nothing wrong with it and some of us get oilier hair faster than others.

Oily hair occurs when the scalp produces oil and sebum, and the thinner hair you have, the faster it grows. Exercising, skipping wash days, over-washing and the weather can also play a role.

And make no mistake about it, leaving your hair in its natural oils is good for it, the only problem is that it can look limp and too straight, but when it comes to healthy hair, it’s the best medicine.

Thick, coarse hair tends to last much longer than fine, fine hair, but one way to make sure your roots will stay oily is to wash your hair every day.

By resisting the urge to wash it every day or two, it will help reduce the grease (I know, but it’s true.) By training our hair to get used to oil, you can end up having a few more days without needing to wash your hair. The more you cleanse your hair, the more your scalp naturally thinks it needs oil and produces it more frequently to compensate.

In addition to not washing it as often, if you suffer from particularly oily hair, invest in a purifying shampoo. Discuss with your hairdresser what suits you best. And trust them, store-bought shampoo isn’t recommended by hairdressers for a reason.

When you wash your hair, only ever put conditioner on the ends and never on the roots, as it will make it greasy sooner.


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