Three authentic Brazilian bakeries in New York, according to hairstylist Bianca Hulmann


Known in the hair industry as the “Queen of Curls”, businesswoman and hairstylist Bianca Hulmann began her career as a teenager. At the age of 16, she opened her first salon in rural São Paulo.

“What I love most is transforming lives,” says the entrepreneur. She owns two successful salons in São Paulo and proudly runs a business with 31 employees. In 2020, with more than a decade of expertise as a hairdresser, she created the Bianca Hulmann Method. It is currently the largest online training course in Brazil, certified by the MEC for natural hair specialists.

Today, more than 4,000 professionals have trained with his unique method worldwide. Her efforts have been highly acclaimed and have led to accolades including Golden Scissors 2017, Emerald Scissors 2018, Diamond Scissors 2021, Golden Brush 2021 and Golden Scissors Dubai 2022. She even won first place in the hairdressing competition.

Much of what she does is inspired by the women in her life who are striving to reach the top – this includes those closest to her, especially her teenage daughter.

“My advice to all women who want to enter the business world is to study hard and never stop learning, because the market is always changing,” she continues. “It’s also important for any field to study management and marketing, especially if you want to open your own business and grow.”

When she’s in New York on business, she likes to get a taste of her home country at some of the most authentic Brazilian bakeries in town. Here are his top three to visit in the Big Apple.

Brigadeiro Bakery

“Each time I bite into an indulgent brigadeiro, I am reminded of my childhood! If you haven’t had one yet, I highly recommend this lovely SoHo bakery. They have so many flavors too!”

This bakery was founded in 2014 by executive chef Mariana Vieira. Named after one of Brazil’s tastiest sweets, Brigadeiro is a confection made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate chips covering the outer layer. These bite-sized chocolate truffles are absolutely decadent and come in a variety of flavors including coconut, passion fruit, pistachio, banana, coffee and more!

Cafe Patoro

“There’s nothing quite like biting into a fresh, hot pão de queijo. For a rich and cheesy pão de queijo, I stop at Café Patoro in the seaport district.

Pão de queijo are soft cheese breads that are crispy and cheesy on the outside and soft and dense on the inside. Cafe Patoro cheese buns are hand-rolled daily and baked on site, making them incredibly fresh. They also come in seasonal flavors. In addition to pão de queijo, this bakery also offers desserts including brigadeiro cake with dark chocolate cake and Brazilian chocolate truffle filling, topped with chocolate chips; and a brigadeiro cookie sandwich with a Brazilian chocolate brigadeiro filling.

Padoca Bakery

“This cute neighborhood bakery has some of my favorite Brazilian treats when I’m on the Upper East Side.”

Padoca, a slang in Brazil meaning “neighborhood bakery”, is known for its pão de queijo, or cheese bread, made from cassava flour; however, they also offer fresh pastries and empadinhas or mini pies. These pies come in savory flavors including chicken, hearts of palm, mushrooms, and a combo. Padoca’s show stopping cakes are also worth noting, each one is stunningly decorated and can be ordered in a variety of combinations ranging from vanilla, red velvet or oil cake. orange olive with vanilla mascarpone, cream cheese frosting or chocolate mousse.


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