Trump’s endorsement of ‘Eric’ in Missouri sows confusion


(The hill) – An endorsement by former President Trump in the Missouri GOP Senate primary caused confusion on Monday after two candidates with the same first name claimed his support, indicating he would endorse ‘Eric’ .

In a statement sent via his Save America PAC, Trump touted sending “a MAGA champion and true warrior to the US Senate,” in reference to his “Make American Great Again” slogan.

“We need someone who won’t back down from the radical left crazies who are destroying our country. I trust the Great People of Missouri, on this one, to make up their own minds, just like they did when they gave me landslide victories in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and so I’m proud to announce that ERIC has my Complete and Total Approval!” Trump said.

Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt are the main contenders in the race, but Trump did not specify which “Eric” he supported over the other – or s he supported both.

The Hill contacted representatives of Trump for clarification.

Greitens, a loyal supporter of the former president, quickly claimed approval, tweeting: “Honored to have the support of President Trump! We are going MAGA!”

Schmitt followed by claim endorsement for himself, write“It is truly an honor to have President Trump’s endorsement in the Senate race.”

The attorney general said he was “the only America First candidate in this race,” adding, “I look forward to re-establishing the America First agenda with you,” a statement apparently aimed at Trump.

“From the beginning, I was the real MAGA champion fighting against the RINO [Republican in Name Only] institution supporting Schmitt”, Greitens said in a later tweetunderscoring his belief that Trump had endorsed him.

He continued, “President Trump said it best when he called Schmitt’s campaign ‘great dishonesty in politics’.”

Greitens came Under fire from Republicans and Democrats after his ex-wife accused him of abusing both her and the couple’s children.

Some of the alleged abuse occurred during Greitens’ tenure as governor, before he resigned over a sex scandal involving his then hairdresser.

Both state senators have called on Greitens to drop out of the race amid allegations from his wife, including retired Republican Senator Roy Blunt, whom Greitens is running to replace.

A survey conducted last week by Emerson Polling and The Hill found Schmitt leading the GOP candidates in the race with a third of the vote, and Greitens trailing at 16%.

Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler edged Greitens in the poll, but trailed Schmitt by 12%.

Hartzler responded to Trump’s endorsement announcement by seemingly jokingly congratulating Eric McElroya much lesser-known GOP Senate candidate in Missouri who is also an author and former congressional candidate.

“Congratulations to Eric McElroy. He’s having a great night,” Hartzler said, according to a statement. shared by his campaign manager on Twitter. Hartzler was endorsed by Missouri’s other sitting senator, Republican Josh Hawley.


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