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FAST AND FUN: Victoria Black and Gen Davidson are the women behind the creation of the 3 Day Diet. Photo: Geoff Jones

Almost 14 weeks of confinement gave me a new appreciation for the little things in life – catching up with friends, out dinners, travel and my boy, my boy, my barber!

I’m writing for Australian Community Media’s latest post – the Review of northern beaches and recent stories here on the beaches made me think about how I spent those long weeks of lockdown, especially when talking to the founders of the 3 Day Diet on how I might lose some of my pounds from COVID-19.

Businesses in the area, like many in NSW, have done it hard and I love the creative ways they’ve found to welcome customers back after the lockdown. Hairstylist Nicky Cassidy got an exemption from the board for take his skills to the streets once the lockdown was over, did I mention that I was missing my hairdresser?

Gyms, restaurants, beauty salons and breweries have been granted exemptions from the council to trade from the trail outside and the nearby park, all in an effort to get customers back to the door. What is your board doing to help your business reopen after lockdown? It might be worth taking a look.

EXEMPTIONS: Nicky Cassidy, owner of Cassidy's of Harbord, and Michael Regan, mayor of the Northern Beaches Council.  Photo: Geoff Jones

EXEMPTIONS: Nicky Cassidy, owner of Cassidy’s of Harbord, and Michael Regan, mayor of the Northern Beaches Council. Photo: Geoff Jones

The other “freedom” I look forward to after confinement is to travel, damn it, I missed it.

After what seems like an eternity locked up in Sydney, the regional NSW appeal is definitely beckoning.

I have spent 10 years working at our large ACM newspapers in mid-west New South Wales and am so looking forward to going back for a break.

Give me great outdoors, give me great restaurants in Bathurst, give me the Dubbo Zoo and give me the great Parkes community right now and I’ll be as happy as a pig in the mud. The Guardian of Mudgee even have a great list of things to do after confinement is complete.

There is a a host of other freedoms looms just around the corner for the double vaxxed and they’re so close you can almost taste it, right? Or, maybe it’s just the idea of ​​finally being able to have a meal with friends.

So, let’s go, let’s travel to our great state, taste our great wine and enjoy the freedom.



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