“we asked you a question”: Isabel Rábago is fed up with Rosa Benito’s equidistance


It seems that benedictine rose He’s waiting for what his niece has to say tonight in ‘Montalta’. That’s why the one who was Rocío Jurado’s hairdresser tried to walk on tiptoe in ‘It’s already eight o’clock’. This impartiality angered Isabel Rábago, which encouraged Benito to speak without filters about the images he was looking at. The call for the reporter’s attention caused visible unease in the “Fresh” contributor, forcing them to engage in endless discussion.

It all started after watching the interview that Rocío Jurado did 22 years ago in “Lunch with Mirtha Legrand”. ‘The Greatest’ was unaware she was being taped when she harshly accused her former son-in-law, Antonio David Flores, claiming he abused his daughter. In the same speech, the singer thanked Fidel Albiac would have appeared in the life of his granddaughter. This is why Sonsoles Ónega took the opportunity to ask Rosa Benito what Rocío Jurado would think today of what is being said about Albiac.

Collaborator Rosa Benito. (media game)

“Nothing would have happened of all that is happening, if I raised my head everything would be the same”said the former hairdresser, who was trying to divert the subject by telling the “war stories” of Rocío Jurado: “When she finds out, she has an anxiety attack. They are looking for Mirtha Legrand, but she had disappeared. No one knew where she was. She had fucked him up. It was then that Antonio David fined him.

Rábago “If she were alive, no one in her family would dare cough against Rocío Carrasco”

It was then that Rábago interrupted Rosa Benito, demanding that he go to “content” what the presenter had asked him. “They asked you a question, what if she was still alive. Well, that no one in his family would dare cough against Rocío Carrasco. Nobody,” condemned the journalist, who immediately angered Benito’s response: “But who is coughing? You change like the days, my aunt. Some days you’re fine, some days you’re sick…”.

Rosa Benito and journalist Isabel Rábago. (media game)

“Why am I saying things? Why do you think I attack you? Rábago asked the collaborator when he noticed his discomfort. “Why did you say something before and I want you to clarify who ‘everyone’ is. It’s your fault, if you have to say something, say it,” replied Rosa Benito, annoyed by the journalist’s questions. “Let’s get out of this loop, we’re leaving”Miguel Ángel Nicolás pointed out, ending this clash.


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