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Why Seong Gi-Hun dyed his hair red at the end of the Squid game


4 October 2021, 17:41

Gi-hun dyes his hair red at the end of Squid Game.

Image: Netflix

The end of Squid Game left us with a lot of “huh?” Moments, one of them being Seong Gi-Hun’s red hair.

The final of Squid game had an ending that many of us never expected, one of those moments being Seong Gi-Hun’s decision to dye his hair red.

After Netflix fans worked their way through all nine episodes, we didn’t just want season two, but we wondered why the main character – Gi-hun – dyed his hair.

Is the Squid game based on a true story?

* major spoilers to come *

Squid Game's finale had an ending many of us weren't expecting

The Squid Game finale had an end that many of us weren’t expecting.

Image: Netflix

In the last episode, as Gi-hun finally decides to use some of the money he has earned from the game, after a year without touching it, he gets a suave new costume, keeps his promises to his friends less fortunate in the game Squid, books a flight to see his daughter in America and goes to the hairdresser.

After months of shoulder-length hair and a scruffy beard, Gi-Hun tells the hairstylist he wants the style he saw on the wall – a bright red and short.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk said in an interview with Zapzee he thought dyeing his hair red would be “the craziest thing for him to do” and something Gi-hun would never do.

Gi-hun is furious when he finds out the old man is behind the Squid game

Gi-hun is furious when he finds out that the old man is behind the Squid Game.

Image: Netflix

“I chose the color and thought it really showed his inner anger,” he said.

This makes perfect sense given how furious Gi-hun is to discover that the old man, whom he befriended in the game, is behind the unsettling experience.

Gi-hun’s hair also represents his decision to stay in South Korea, with the final scene seeing him walk away from the plane he was about to board for LA after ringing the number on the invitation card. Squid Game.

This all sounds like a confirmation of series two to us …

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