Zayn Malik’s pink hair is back and just as gorgeous as you remember


Zayn Malik just debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram and its dreamy vibe is guaranteed to suck your chest breathless for more than one reason. As of Thursday, July 28, Zayn officially has pink hair again. Obviously her fans, including yours, are freaking out because, honestly, how can you not fall straight in love? Her post has already garnered over 4 million likes, making it one of her most successful hairstyles to date. Changing up his hairstyle is far from new territory for the 29-year-old father and musician, but I feel like this new look is more than just a mood tweak.

But first, I have to discuss this selfie. In this beauty writer’s humble opinion, the former One Direction member couldn’t have looked better if he had tried. In the Instagram post, Zayn’s soft pink hair was tousled like he had, maybe he just jumped out of the shower or got caught in the rain (romantic, right?). His dark roots still took up about an inch of the length of his hair, giving him a punk, grown-up look, and his beard had also reverted to its five o’clock ombre style. To complete the artfully undone vibe, Zayn wore a mesh tank top that showed off some of his tattoos. It was really a hot moment.

Usually, Zayn can’t keep a hairstyle going for more than a few months, but he’s been flying under the radar lately. The last time fans could see him change his look was in January 2022, when he announced the launch of his new line of art-inspired products. Previously, Zayn had been spotted sporting a cropped bob, but in his Paynt by Zayn Instagram posts, the musician showed off wavy, grown-up hair.

Over the years, Zayn has pretty much done every color under the sun. Her hair was blueblond, Grey, lilacand of course, it was pink before. For fans, these changes usually signal a new kind of creative endeavor. After all, one of the first things he did after to leave One Direction was to dye your hair lime green.

Deciphering the meaning of Zayn’s hair is practically learning a new language in itself. Back when he debuted as a blonde mohawk in December 2020, fans were convinced he had a new album to drop. And here it is, a few weeks later, on January 15, 2021, his third studio album nobody listens fall. The last time Zayn went pink was in 2018. Three days later, his single “Too Much” dropped, so there’s definitely a method to fan madness. I’m not saying there’s a 100% chance that Zayn will release new music soon, but I’ll keep my ears open.


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